Project Management

Project Management is the professional management of a single project from the planning/ design phase through closeout and occupancy.

The Project Management Department supports the Client by coordinating the design disciplines, performing facility planning, managing projects and construction, and orchestrating relocation. During project management, PDG serves as the owner’s representative, and the general contractor reports directly to us. We ensure the owner’s objectives are met in relation to the scope, quality, schedule and budget. PDG has an on-site presence, conducts regular walk-through inspections and is involved at every owner, architect, contractor (OAC) meeting and review. Communication and reporting are also critical to our success. Standard template reports are customized for each clients needs.

Serving as your Project Management team, our objectives include:

  • Creating a communication system to keep all stakeholders and team members informed throughout the project
  • Maximizing resources by procuring materials, labor and equipment in keeping with the project’s stated schedule and plan
  • Clearly stating scope, budget, schedule, performance standards and means of selecting stakeholders and other participants
  • Implementing project tasks by properly coordinating and controlling every possible element of the project
  • Establishing a project definition
  • Developing a schedule of planning and design phase management
  • Managing information systems
  • Developing a Quality Control standard
  • Reviewing documents for coordination and constructability
  • Those stated under Construction Management services